Our lullabies

A own, custom made, personal lullaby is the most emotional way to say: You are special!


Here we go…these are our lullabies to be customized and personalized with the name of the best baby in the world

„Close your eyes

The modern sounding lullaby tells about the land of dreams and makes sure that Mum and Dad will always be watching over the beloved baby.

Lullaby1 CLOSE YOUR EYES Demo (Liam)Your Own Lullaby
00:00 / 01:16

„Sleep well little baby“

This one is the quietest lullaby. It tells about all the impressions a baby gets during every single day. It explains that the night is the time to process all those impressions and to relax.

Lullaby2 SLEEP WELL LITTLE BABY Demo (DaYour Own Lullaby
00:00 / 01:16

„Sleep, baby, sleep“

This little song is one of the most famous lullabies of the world. It tells a story about a little baby, his parents and sheep and cows - funny, relaxing and super customizable.

Lullaby3 SLEEP BABY SLEEP Demo (Caren).mYour Own Lullaby
00:00 / 01:22

You can simply get 1 of these personalized lullabies or You can choose to get all the 3 lullabies for a special package price: