How it works: 

Getting your own lullaby is much faster and easier than you can imagine!

We have a song-pool with 3 lullabies, written and produced in our own music studio.


Step 1:

Choose the lullabies you like most (if you love them you obviously can also get all the 3 ones)


Step 2:

Tell us the name of the baby (if it is a special name please specify the pronouncement)


Step 3:

You can write a special dedication for the loved ones who will get our lullabies as a gift from you.


Step 4:

Choose the payment method (paypal/credit card/applepay) and proceed to checkout.


That’s it!


Once we have received your payment, we will immediately sing your custom made lullaby and send it to your email within 24 hours.

The email you get will look like this: