We are family!

That’s why we exactly know what you are searching for!

It was a common evening in 2010: We were sitting at our little son's bed singing lullabies to him. Little Lian looked to us with his bright eyes until he quietly fell asleep.

That evening was born the idea for YOUR OWN LULLABY, a very special, personal and emotional way to say „I love you“.

First we started with the German edition DEIN SCHLAFLIED (www.deinschlaflied.com), simply because German is our native language.

The success of thousands of satisfied German customers was the reason to make the next step and to make our lullabies accessible to much more babies and parents all over the world.


Who we are

We are Irene Gentili and Martin Perkmann, two young parents of two wonderful sons. We are located in Bolzano, a city in the region of South Tyrol in the very north of Italy.


Martin is a singer, songwriter and musician with successful releases, radio and tv appearances. Take a look at his official homepage www.martinperkmann.com


Irene takes care of the entire customer service, the support of the website, the graphic design and marketing.

Combining our abilities and talents we are able to easily compose and produce new lullabies and make sure to get them ready and accessible to everyone.


We are not only musicians and web developers, we are both also social educators with a finished bachelor university degree. So the topic "music and its impact on children's development“ is no longer just a thesis…with YOUR OWN LULLABY it has become reality.