Your own lullaby - the best birth gift
Welcome in the land of sweet dreams and melodies!


Singing a lullaby is one of the first interactions with our babies. With „Your Own Lullaby“ every baby can get what he/she deserves:

His and her very own little song. That’s why in our lullabies babies are called by their own name.

„Your Own Lullaby“ is the easiest and most personal and emotional way to welcome a lovely new person in this big, big world. The lullabies can be an outstanding present for a newborn child and its parents, they can be a baptism gift…or you simply can surprise your own loved ones: Your husband, your wife and your own little baby.


And the best is yet to come: You get your personalized lullabies within 24 hours! We will send you a „giveaway-ready“, full graphic email with the link to your personal download area.


We are really looking forward to make you and your loved ones feeling special!

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